We supply restaurants, commercial end users and select distributors throughout the entire west coast.

Founded in 2002, CookingWoods.com began supplying restaurants and commercial end users with various types of cooking wood and related products. The demand for high-quality cooking wood products meeting the restaurant industry’s requirements has grown over the years.

Acquiring quality cooking wood has its own challenges and we are always looking for long term partners to help supply our needs. The process of harvesting cooking wood and storing it on orchard property can be a burden for orchard owners by taking up valuable space and adding a potential risk for insect infestation. We help by removing the wood from the property and storing it at our own mill site until it is seasoned and ready for further production.

Cooking woods have an industry standard cut- usually 16 to 18 inches in length and 2 to 5 inches in diameter. This allows the chef to manage a consistent, desired cooking temperature from a low and slow temperature of approximately 225 degrees, all the way up to 1200 degrees. We also supply commercial end-users with wood chips for use in industrial smokers.

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