Mesquite lump charcoal - 40lb. & 7lb. bags

Pallet of 45, 40lb. bags

Pallet of 210, 7lb. bags

Mesquite lump charcoal  


Mesquite Lump Charcoal is the king of all Cooking Fuels. It is basically charred wood, produced in Sonora Mexico using only 100% Mesquite Wood. Mesquite Charcoal is a healthier alternative than briquettes, because it is an all-natural fuel. It burns clean and hot which is why Steaks, Ribs, Seafood, Chicken and Vegetables are so much juicier and more delicious grilled over Mesquite Charcoal. The finest restaurants in the world grill over 100% Mesquite Charcoal.

Available in:

Pallet of bags (40lbs. each)
Stacked 45 bags per pallet
Lump Charcoal

Pallet of bags (7lbs. each)
Stacked 210 bags per pallet
Lump Charcoal

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