2 cubic foot bag

Bulk pallet - 64 cubic foot

Pecan Cooking Wood

Pecan Cooking Wood is a very close relative of Hickory but has its own mildly sweet and smoky flavor. Another very universal Cooking Wood, it burns hot and has great coaling properties too. It can be used in Pizza Bread Ovens, Rotisserie, Open Flame Grilling and the Off Set Firebox Barbecue and Smoker. It does well with about everything, Pork, Beef, Poultry, Sausage, Seafood and even Vegetables.

Cooking Wood products are naturally seasoned cut 16" to 18" in length and 2"to 6" in diameter.

Available in:

Bulk pallet - 64 cubic feet (Approx. 1700lbs.)
Cooking Wood Logs

Pallet of 2 cubic foot bags (40-45lbs. each)
Stacked 32 bags per pallet
Cooking Wood Logs

2 cubic foot bag (50lbs.)
4" to 6" diameter
Cooking Wood Chunks

2 cubic foot bag (50lbs.)
2" to 3" diameter
Cooking Wood Chunks

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